Allison Janney

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Allison Janney

Hooray! This is Don’t Ask Tig’s milestone 100th episode, and Tig’s guest is her very good friend, Oscar-winning actor Allison Janney, star of “I, Tonya,” “Mom,” “The West Wing” and so much more. Allison and Tig can’t help laughing over the viral story of how Allison broke Tig’s ribs on a party bus, and Allison shares how she was injured in a celebrity dodgeball game involving Harry Styles and Michelle Obama. Tig and Allison give advice to a listener whose dog controls her, a mom whose tone deaf daughter wants to be a singer and a fan who hates being called a flirt when he’s just trying to make friends. And remember that Don’t Ask Tig is on break in May, but will be back with all-new episodes on June 7. Mark your calendars!


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